There is a lot of debate on what we are called in Michigan. Is it Michiganders? Or are we Michiganians? Or Michiganites? What about names based on our towns?

In general, we tend to say Michigander when referring to ourselves or others from Michigan. Back in 2012, Governor Snyder appeared before the Michigan Press Association. As reported by MLive,

A woman in the audience asked him to use “Michiganian” instead, arguing “Michigander” is not gender neutral.

The Governor said he would look into it. That brings me to this question. What do we call people from different towns around Michigan?

Here are a few examples of what we do or could be called based on where we live.

  • Kalamazoo         Kalamazooian, I have also heard Kazoo
  • Grandville           Grandvillian
  • Mattawan            Mattawanian
  • Comstock           Comstocker
  • Battle Creek       Battle Creeker
  • Vandalia             Vandal or Vandaler

After a internet search on, I was no closer to an answer but I liked that one comment said we should be called "Michigunners". Some of the names that were speculated on were pretty funny.

What are your thoughts? what do you call people from Michigan and from surrounding towns and states?

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