This historic water tower located in the middle of the State Psychiatric Hospital in Kalamazoo is not open to the public and impossible to get to, unless you know the right people. 

Known as the Kalamazoo State Hospital Water Tower, it was built in 1895 and according to Wikipedia, narrowly escaped demolition in 1974. The tank at the top hold 200,000 gallons of water. Standing 178 feet tall, as you are looking out the window, you are at the highest geographical point in Kalamazoo. There is also no electric in the water tower so light was limited to the few windows and our flashlights. Due to patient privacy issues, we were somewhat limited as to what we could photograph. However, with what we were allowed to, we took lots of pictures and I shared as much as I could. Check them out in this gallery.

A special thanks to Sharon Ferraro, Historic Preservation Coordinator for the City of Kalamazoo, for helping to arrange this tour and Safety Officer Jim Crane for guiding us to the top.

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