I'll always remember the Alamo and I will miss these unique offerings that just aren't the same anywhere else.

Alamo Drafthouse via YouTube
Alamo Drafthouse via YouTube

Kalamazoo was shocked at the news that Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is lowering the curtain and closing on April 3. I was just there last week and absolutely love the place!

Here are 9 unique things I'll miss about Alamo Drafthouse Kalamazoo:

  • 1

    Strict No Talking/Texting Policy

    To me, this is the most important thing. I paid to watch the movie, not to listen to you talk. Put your phone down and enjoy the film!

  • 2

    The Food

    So much more than a hot dog wrapped in tin foil or stale corn chips and a cheese-like substance. The food at Alamo was a favorite; one-stop-shopping for dinner and a movie.

  • 3

    Film Selection

    Of course you can see all the major motion pictures but what made Alamo so special were the art-house films, the independent movies, foreign-language features and animated stories.

  • 4

    Age Appropriate Restrictions

    This only enhances the movie experience for those who are there to see the film. Family days and Saturday mornings were other great options to include everyone.

  • 5


    Sing-a-longs and quote-a-longs were a fun way to break the "no talking" rule and enjoy a favorite movie in a fun, new way with friends.

  • 6

    Classics on the Big Screen

    Sure you can watch these on Netflix but bobbing your head and being swept up in Beatlemania during the restored version of "A Hard Day's Night" and holding your breath as the big screen completely envelopes you into the suspense and tension of Hitchcock's "Rear Window" are experiences that cannot be duplicated at home.

  • 7


    Boring. How many banal trivia questions or slides of the dentist's office do you have to sit through before 28 minutes of previews?

  • 8

    Fun Previews Related to the Feature

    At Alamo the pre-movie material was worth getting there early for. I loved seeing vintage Beatles cartoons and remember laughing at a nature documentary on raccoons before Guardians of the Galaxy.

  • 9

    The Drinks

    We've mentioned the food but can't forget the drinks. from made in Michigan craft beer to five flavors of hot tea, you have many more options than a $12 watered-down fountain drink.

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