Despite my mother's disapproval, I've added to my collection.

Photo: SEarl 

It's just like they say, tattoos are addictive.

I wanted one for more than 20 years but couldn't decide what I wanted. Once I got the first, I knew immediately what the next was going to be and the ideas flowed from there.

All of my tattoos are music and radio themed with the first two being an old-school microphone on my shoulder and a 45 rpm adapter at the base of my neck. A vintage transistor radio is on the back of my arm, with a VU meter opposite. Everyone needs a mixtape, so I have one of those on my forearm complete with the buttons on my wrist.

The latest is a wav file. I said my name into the microphone and took a screenshot.

Then I sat in the chair and let Hannah Brown from Beyond Reality in Wyandotte do her incredible work.

Yes, it hurts.

Totally worth it. I'll have this forever.