Watch 5 hours of fun in 44 seconds.


Photo: SEarl

Adventure racing is my new favorite thing, so my partner Deb and I traveled to South Bend, Indiana on July 25 for this year's Urban Adventure Games.

The sprawling course included downtown South Bend and its diverse neighborhoods, parts of Mishawaka and the campus of Notre Dame. Racers are given a map and 4 hours on the clock to find their way to as many checkpoints as possible and complete the challenges.


Photo: SEarl

Kayaking, rappelling, biking and baton-twirling were among the many endeavors we undertook. Teams got to learn curling at Notre Dame's ice arena, play real-life Angry Birds, and risk it all while tight-rope walking 8 inches off the ground without a net!

We strung beans at the co-op, distilled "whiskey," did impromptu theatre on stage, and raced beer kegs blindfolded all while careening around the city with one eye on the map and the other on the road.

Locals certainly had a major advantage over us out-of-towners but we had a great time and are already planning a return visit for the Urban Adventure Games.

Enjoy the video and photo gallery as I continue my training for the North Country Trail Run at the end of August and the Warrior Dash in September; more adventures to come!