The White Pines trailer park was home to generations of families in the Mattawan area. With a location adjacent to schools and near I-94, it was well placed in the village. But with what appears to be a failed sale and then abandonment of the property, things have gone feral and are in even worse condition than you imagine.

The urban explorers from Ruin Road, who recently toured the old Three Rivers Hospital, visited the White Pines park and what they found was a disgusting amount of filth and trash.

The mobile homes look, in my opinion, like Chernobyl where everyone just up and left instantly leaving all of their belongings. Bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms were filled with litter and debris.

It gets worse when the team enters the leasing office. There they uncover left-behind paperwork with personal information on the residents of the park - tax documents, bank statements and more.

And yes, as the title of the video promises, at around the 19:30 mark in the video, the team does come across some, ahem, adult novelties.

Take a look at their full exploration at the video below.

Observers on the Vanished Mattawan Facebook page noted that removal of some trailer began in May 2018.

BONUS VIDEO - A Drive Through White Pines Trailer Park

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