Formula K was a go-to destination for all things fun in Van Buren County. The park closed 2 years ago, disappointing a lot of people. Check out what it looks like now.  

Formula K in Mattawan was a true hot spot for many a family outing, date night and even just a place to hang out with your friends. The park closed at the and of 2014, on the same day as Putters in Kalamazoo. The owner, Michael Stephani, is the son of the original founder of Formula K and runs a lawn and snow equipment business at the location.

Michael also told me that the park was really only about 10% of the company as they would build the tracks for other parks as well as being one of the largest manufacturers of go carts. The go cart business has been independently owned but will soon be back in the hands of the Stephani family.

Check out the video of the park as it now sits.

The mini golf course still looks like you could play a round today as though it never closed.

Michael also said that the arcade games inside are listed for sale on Craigslist.

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Bonus video: The Abandoned Putters Fun Center

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