The Sideway Bridge in Cleveland, Ohio is it's only suspension bridge, It's abandoned and the site of several horrific murders. 

Originally called the Tod-Kinsman Bridge and built as a foot bridge in 1909. It was later rebuilt from steel to allow trains to cross below it. In the 1930's, just after it reopened to the public, a series of murders took place there. According to Cleveland Historical,

Just a few years after the new bridge opened and pedestrian travel across the Kingsbury Run resumed, the Run became locally notorious as the result of a series of grisly murders, known as the Cleveland Torso Murders, which occurred between 1935-1938. At least 12 women were murdered in the stretch and, in at least four of the murders, the women's mutilated corpses were dumped at various locations there.

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These murders have never been solved and probably never will be.

In the late 60's the bridge was partially destroyed by rioters.

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