Browsing the free section of Kalamazoo Craigslist has never been so funny.

#4.  Great bed springs partially removed

It appears that this "great bed springs" set was partially removed by a fire.  I can get this for free?  Is this real life?

Click here to get it before it's gone.



#3.  Coal! (Vicksburg)

Are you ready to play the best prank on your kids this Christmas?

Click here to get more than just a lump of coal.



#2.  Curb Alert - Crib Mattress (Crocket Ave.)

Don't trust your baby's safety and comfort with just any mattress.  Get this used one leaned up against the one object every dog in the neighborhood pees on.

Get it now by clicking here.



#1.  Broken Concrete in central Kalamazoo location (Kalamazoo)

Last but certainly not least...broken pieces of concrete.  You're welcome Kalamazoo.

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