Do you love old radios? Looking to buy one or get one fixed? This event is for you!

Photo: BG

The Michigan Antique Radio Club is hosting the Vintage Electronics Extravaganza at Kalamazoo County Expo Center (2900 Lake Street) Friday and Saturday, July 9 and 10.

One of the largest in the country, the event has been held in Lansing for the last 20 years and is making its Kalamazoo debut this weekend.

There is a large flea market with all kinds of antique and vintage radios in various states of functionality. Dials, tubes, pieces, and parts can also be bought, sold, and swapped.

If you have an old radio, you can see what it will fetch in the silent auction or take it to the "Radio Rescue."

We will look the radio over and give a current market value of the item. We show where replacement parts can be bought, find local repairmen, or give them the outlet to sell the item...Our goal is to insure that the seller receives a fair price for the item and not get cheated out of a potentially valuable radio. -Michigan Antique Radio Club


If you love old radios as much as I do, be sure to check out the show this weekend!

Photo: Hannah Brown