Are any of these albums in your collection? They could be worth big money!

Whether they were left behind by an uncle, an older sibling or a parent, don't just toss out those old records, they could be collectables worth thousands.

  • Columbia Records

    Bob Dylan- "The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan"

    There was a mixup in the track listing for Bob Dylan's second album- some "wrong" copies have sold for $35,000.

  • Apple Records

    The Beatles- "The Beatles"

    Famously known as "The White Album," the most valuable copies have a serial number embossed on the packaging.

  • RCA Records

    David Bowie- "Diamond Dogs"

    The value of nearly all of David Bowie's albums went up following his death in 2016. Diamond Dogs' artwork prominently featured the dogs genitals and was quickly censored. An original could fetch big dollars.

  • A & M Records

    Sex Pistols- "God Save the Queen"

    The Sex Pistols were signed and then dropped by A&M records in a mere 6 days. They worked faster in the studio recording and pressing a single that was then scrapped before distribution. The limited number that did get out have become valuable.

  • Blue Note

    Hank Mobly- "Blue Note 1568:

    An expensive mistake could work in your favor as the record plant ran out of ink halfway through pressing the run of this jazz record.