Thomas Rhett has enjoyed a wild ride as he's climbed the country music ladder. On the heels of his back-to-back chart-topping hits "Craving You" and "Unforgettable," the singer released "Marry Me," an intimate ballad with a twist: The song portrays a man attending the wedding of a girl he's always loved -- as a guest -- and looks back on what might have been if he'd told her he had feelings for her earlier in their friendship.

The song, which Rhett co-wrote with Jesse Frasure, Ashley Gorely and Shane McAnally, is a kind of "what if" scenario about an experience in Rhett's past. Below, Rehtt shares with The Boot the inside scoop on "Marry Me."

We wrote that song from a place that could have been my life. Everybody has those moments in life where they can either go left or go right, and if you go left, you'll never know what could have been in the other direction.

That's where I was at a certain point with my now-wife, Lauren. The song was written out of this space where I knew that if I had never told Lauren how I felt about her, I probably have been invited to her wedding and would have watched her marry somebody else. I probably wouldn't have been quite as sad as the guy in the music video for the song, but it would definitely still have wrecked me.

I think when you fall in love with somebody at a young age like I did, that sort of thing lingers with you for a long time, even if it doesn't work out. At the end of the music video for "Marry Me," I wanted to close in on that "Nicholas Sparks moment" and really give the viewers a positive ending. So in my mind, I think the girl in the video left the wedding. I think she came and told him she loved him, and now they're together, wherever they are.

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