You might be a redneck live in Sturgis. A website poll has put Sturgis at the top of the list of the top 10 redneck cities in Michigan.

It seems all does is these polls and lists. They can't know that much about everything- or can they? Sturgis has been named Michigan's "Most Redneck City" by the site.

How did they do all that fancy figurin', Jethro? By definition, rednecks live in small towns in the South or the Midwest and stereotypically have little education. Roadsnacks also used Yelp! and Google Maps to look at the number of dive bars and mobile home parks per capita and factored in places to get fishing gear, ammo and tobacco. Of course, the proximity of Wal-Mart stores, Dollar Generals and Bass Pro Shops were given significant weight in the study.

Here are the Top 10 Most Redneck Cities in Michigan:

  1. Sturgis
  2. Utica
  3. Niles
  4. Sault St. Marie
  5. Three Rivers
  6. Port Huron
  7. Houghton
  8. Iron River
  9. Iron Mountain
  10. Owosso

Did they get it right? Is this list Jeff Foxworthy approved?

Bonus Video: The Last Hot n Now in America is in Sturgis, MI

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