The Mackinac Bridge was open to traffic November 1st 1957 and celebrates it's 60th birthday this year. Here are some facts about the 'Mighty Mac'. 

Travel between Michigan's Upper and Lower Peninsulas was eased when the Mackinac Bridge opened but crossing the bridge isn't always easy. Here are some facts according to the Bridge Authority.

  • The bridge has 2 lanes in each direction, one is 12 feet wide and one is 11 feet wide with a total width of 68 feet.
  • 5 people died during construction.
  • 7 other confirmed accidental deaths including the headline of a woman and her Yugo that fell off the bridge in 1989.
  • The bridge is not accessible to foot traffic but they estimate roughly 12 suicides by jumping off the bridge.
  • The Bridge Authority offers a drivers assistance program for those lacking the 'metal' to drive across the bridge. they will drive your car across for you for free.
  • June of 1998 celebrated it's one millionth crossing.
  • Despite its scary reputation, the Mackinac Bridge is actually one of the safest bridges in the country and offers incredible views.

Here is a video if a semi crossing the Mackinac Bridge.

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