Our 45th president, was born in an area of New York that his detractors may find humorous. But what if he were from Michigan

President Trump was born at the Jamaica Hospital Medical Center in the Jamaica neighborhood of Queens, New York (insert immigration joke here). Maybe he can find a better location with some "alternative facts". Here are a few suggestions if he were born in Michigan.

  • Bete Grise, French for Grey Beast. We could call it Bete Orange (yes, it's French).
  • Dollar Settlement, It has the smallest population of any town in Michigan, he could make it YUGE!
  • Payment, Located at the farthest Northeast point of Sugar Island in the Upper Peninsula, it has a river separating it from Canada, no wall required.
  • Free Soil, another small population town. Free Soil was also the name of a short-lived political party that split from the Democratic party so maybe not.
  • Sac Bay, YOU'RE FIRED!

If President Trump were from Michigan, Where do you think he would live?

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