As we approach the 15 year anniversary of the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center, Pentagon and attempted attack on the White House, we take time to reflect and remember those who lost their lives that day. No one will forget where they were when they saw the news. Where were you? 

I remember that I had just returned from Florida the night before. I woke, turned on the TV, the first tower was smoking, I thought it was a movie, an Orwellian spin to make us believe it was real. Then the second plane hit, I could tell by the reporters voice that this was not a movie. I sat stunned and shaken by what I was seeing.

As we reflect, I asked others on Facebook what they remembered about that day, here are some responses.

"I was sitting in a senior year High school science class when the teacher got a call to turn on the TV because someone shot a missile or something at the WTC... We watched as the second plane hit and the towers came down. I remember calling my mom to let her know I was ok and to check on her."  -Michael Taylor

"I was driving from Kalamazoo to Bowling Green... Had no clue that it had happened till about 4pm that day because I was listening to CD's." -Matt Fytczyk

"I was eating breakfast in Galesburg, watching the news when it happened. Watched the second plane hit while they were talking about the first.: -Kevin Artis

"I was in the frozen foods department at the Paw Paw Shopping Center when I was told the news. I walked into the back office where Marvin, Barb... and Sr were glued to the TV thinking this was just an accident till we saw the second plane." -Bradley Grahame

"I was teaching and at noon a parent called to ask if we were releasing the kids early because of the terrorist attacks. I remember asking 'what are you talking about?' I sat up the schools TV and and we watched replays [of what happened]. I was a month from my due date with Sarah. I remember getting home and crying because I knew my kids childhood would be so different from mine." -Tami Burch Draves

"I was working at the sales office at Pella Windows on Lovers Lane. My mom called me on my cell phone to tell me a plane had hit the first trade center. At that point there was only speculation that it may have been a tragic and unfortunate accident. We didn't have a tv at work and of course this was long before the regularity of Internet streaming so we didn't get to watch much of the coverage. She called back again to tell me the other tower had been struck. I don't remember much after that but I was glued to the tv like most of us were for the next days and weeks. It was unbelievable. Replay after replay watching the second plane hit, in disbelief, the smoking towers, and then the first tower collapsing, I remember the sickening feeling in my gut. Then the second. Still so vivid"  -Kyle Jennings

Where were you when the terror attacks happened? comment below.

Bonus Video: Kalamazoo 911 Memorial Stair Climb