Here's what people are saying about Big Boy closing a community landmark.

An abrupt closing leaves a Michigan town wondering how long will the chubby mascot in the checkerboard overalls remain standing in front of an empty building.

A typed note was posted on the door of the Coldwater Big Boy on Chicago Drive April 2:

We appreciate your business but this location will be closed as of 4/2/2018

Please visit our Battle Creek location

Thank You

Coldwater's Daily Reporter shared the news on their Facebook page and Big Boy fans and longtime Coldwater residents are disappointed.

  • It was a sad day 💔😭
  • They are the only place that has hot fudge ice cream cake. Dang!
  • That's so sad! Such nice servers there and we loved having breakfast there.
  • Sad...been there since the 70's...
  • Maybe if it would have been clean it would of had a better chance. But it was nasty dirty gross.
  • I remember going in here all the time growing up so sad now we have to go all the way to battle creek ugh
  • My mom & I would meet family members every Saturday morning for many years, we took up a lot of room! This started in the 70's!!
  • Lots of memories there.
  • My childhood is dying in front of my eyes 💔
  • We always went there once a year to remind us why we never went there.

Word is, the building and location have been sold but to whom? Where will Coldwater go to get a Slim Jim, onion rings and key lime pie? What do you think they should open instead?


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