The Detroit Lions have been haunted by 50 years of losing thanks to the Curse of Bobby Layne. Luckily for Lions fans the curse on their team has expired, but it may have simply moved to the Detroit Tigers.

First, a little history on the Curse of Bobby Layne.

Bobby Layne won the NFL Championship with the Detroit Lions in 1952 and 1953. Layne also led the Lions to the championship game in 1954, but they lost. Yes, the Lions used to win championships, but that was before the Super Bowl even existed.

In 1957, the Lions were off to another strong start with Layne at quarterback, but then Layne broke his leg. He was replaced and the Lions won the championship without him.

After the second game of the 1958 season, the Detroit Lions traded Layne to the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Lions were happy with Layne's replacement, but Layne wasn't at all happy with the move. reports Layne's son said:

When he found out he got traded, he might have been a little angry and he said something to the effect that the Lions won’t win a championship for 50 years.

Since the trade on Oct. 6, 1958, the Detroit Lions have made it to the playoffs 12 times. They won one of those 12 games. After a 10-year bonus period, the curse has transferred to the Detroit Tigers.

The Detroit Tigers opened the 2018 season with three straight very Lions-like losses. The opener felt especially Lions-like. The Tigers celebrated what they thought was an extra-innings victory in the 10th after coming from behind in the 9th inning...but replay officials took away the victory by inexplicably overturning the call.

Sound familiar, Lions fans?

13 proved to be unlucky as the Tigers went on to lose in 13 innings.

Later, the league admitted they screwed up the replay which cost the Tigers a win.

Sound familiar, Lions fans?

It's important to note that all three opening loses and Lions-like games came against the Pittsburgh Pirates. Curses don't have to travel far.

Yes, the Detroit Tigers are in full rebuild mode and a poor season(s) would not be a surprise to anyone, but there may be a curse on top of it all.

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