Free up closet space and make a girl's dreams come true with the Cinderella Project.

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Each year The Cinderella Project gives away hundreds of beautiful dresses to help young girls’ prom dreams come true.  The goal is to make sure every young lady that wants to attend prom has the opportunity to do so no matter what her personal or financial circumstances.

You've probably got at least one of those dresses in the back of your closet: the one you just couldn't resist because it was on sale, the one that looked better on the rack, the one you were going to fit into by Spring, the one you had to wear for your cousin's wedding that you'll never wear again, the one that is now too big for you because you hit your goal this've got one of those, right?

Donate that dress and your past can become someone's future.

  • Donation drop off: 11am- 1pm Friday, February 10 at Morrison Jewelers 321 S. Kalamazoo Mall
  • Shopping day: 9 am-12pm Saturday, February 18 at the Girls Scouts Heart of Michigan, 601 W. Maple Street, Kalamazoo

Started by Memories Bridal and Evening Wear in 2006, The Cinderella Project has been offering dresses for free to young ladies from our community who otherwise could not afford to go to prom. They operate on the honor system, so no proof of financial need is necessary.  Please bring a valid school ID (or proof of enrollment).  All girls must attend in person to receive a free dress.

Your memories can make more- be a part of making a fairy tale with The Cinderella Project.

New this year, one lucky young woman will experience the magic of the ultimate prom night! One random entry number will be selected from those waiting in line at the Cinderella Project on February 18. We’ll be on site to present the winner with the ultimate prom night package; must be present to receive prize.

Prize package will include:

Join us for the Cinderella Project on February 18, and maybe you’ll be our lucky “Cinderella”!

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