Blake Shelton takes a wander down memory lane in the video for his latest single "I Lived It." Readers can press play above to watch the nostalgic scene unfold.

"Mama poured grease in a Crisco can / Put a hundred thousand miles on a Sears box fan / Uncle Joe put tobacco on my hand / Where them yellow jackets tore me up," Shelton sings, bringing a memory of childhood to life with vivid detail. Set to that memory, Shelton strolls down a dirt lane towards an old farmhouse and a big barn, complete with an abandoned pickup, all packed full of memories from days gone by.

In the "I Lived It" video, grainy flashbacks and superimposed sepia tone images are interspersed with present-day Shelton's visit to the same places where the memories occurred. From bucking hay bales and casting fishing lines in the past, the artist strums a guitar from his perch on a fallen tree as he looks backward in time.

The song is the final track on Shelton's latest album, Texoma Shore, named for the lake of his childhood memories, which play a part of the central theme of the sentimental album. Already enjoying the success of "I'll Name the Dogs," from Texoma Shore, "I Lived It" is making its way up the charts as well.

Shelton has recently been out on the road for his Country Music Freaks Tour. He is also heading back to his job as a coach on The Voice, which picked up with a new season recently.

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