North Carolina's Canaan Cox is premiering the music video for his song "Coming Back" exclusively with The Boot. Readers can press play above to watch.

In "Coming Back," Cox is finding himself having a hard time letting go of a lost love: "Your'e always on my mind / It feels like all the time," Cox sings. "But I know it ain't right." The song is bright and upbeat, masking the sadness he's feeling.

"I keep coming back to the place we kissed, to the night that our lips first met, to the feeling in my heart that's now long gone," Cox sings in the first chorus of "Coming Back." "I keep coming back to that moonlit night in a farmer's field when the stars were bright / They couldn't match that something in your eyes that I try to forget / But I keep coming back."

Cox tells The Boot that, with his "Coming Back" music video, he "didn't want to hone in on the negative" of the breakup song; instead, he wanted to show viewers why the girl he's singing about is so hard to forget.

"It's simply cute as heck," he adds of the finished product.

"Coming Back" appears on Cox's self-titled 2017 EP. The singer has opened for acts such as Chuck Wicks and Walker McGuire and is continuing to work on new music; to keep up with his goings-on, check out his official website.

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