Gordy Quist of the rock band Band of Heathens has been a Gibson guy for years. He packs one for the road, but it's an acoustic given to him by an old friend that defines his collection. He talked about it before receiving a gift at the Sunset Room in Austin, prior to a performance at Townsquare HQ.

Quist was asked for his Gibson moment and immediately shared the story of Jim Wheeler, an old friend. “I met him after a show one time and we became friends,” Quist explains above. “He used to send me weird song ideas and we just kind of hit it off. And he took a liking to this guitar.”

Wheeler would get a cancer diagnosis a few years later and has since died. But he left the Band of Heathens guitarist and vocalist with a special memory. “Before he died he gave me a 1957 version of the same guitar that he had,” Quist says. “He bought it at a pawn shop in 1959.”

With his favorite guitar behind him, Quist was presented with a new favorite: his very own Gibson Firebird. You can see the shock on his face as he picks a few notes and closes with, “I’m Gordy Quist from the Band of Heathers and this is my Gibson moment.”

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