Little Big Town's "Happy People" is the signature song on the group's new The Breaker album. The perky, feel-good, pop-country melody makes more smiles than the dentist.

More than anything, "Happy People" just feels good. Lori McKenna and Hailey Whitters' lyrics are a reminder of the power of music to unite when there's a divide. The song works now more than it would have a year ago, when every issue and opinion wasn't quite as polarizing. It's not a warm hug as much as it is a gentle tickle. It's a cute kid dancing. It's ... Okay, fill in your own analogy.

Overlooked is how Little Big Town have again pushed the country format forward. This single reflects an album that relies more on synthetic sounds than ever before. The opening drum track will make up minds before the group gets to the chorus. "Happy People" is produced with '60s soul and has the message to match. Put a flower in your hair and go join that little boy dancing. With "Happy People" playing, you're sure to feel better about your plight.

Did You Know?: Lori McKenna co-wrote "Happy People." She also helped write "Girl Crush" and "Humble and Kind."

Listen to Little Big Town, "Happy People" 

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Little Big Town's "Happy People" Lyrics:

Happy people don’t cheat / Happy people don’t lie / And they don’t judge or hold a grudge, they don’t criticize / Happy people don’t hate / Happy people don’t steal / ‘Cause all the hurt sure ain’t worth all the guilt they’d feel.

If you wanna know the secret / You can’t buy it, gotta make it / And you ain’t ever gonna be it / By taking someone else’s away / Never take it for granted / You don’t have to understand it / Here’s to whatever puts a smile on your face / Whatever makes you happy people.

Happy people don’t fail / Happy people just learn / They don’t think they’re above the push and shove / They just wait their turn / They’ve always got a hand or a dollar to spare / They know the golden rule and what you’re going through / Even if they’ve never been there.

These days, they ain’t easy to find / But they’re the ones that you want standing by your side / No time for greed, if they need some, give ‘em a slice / And we’ll all be happy people.

Well life is short and love is rare / And we all deserve to be happy while we’re here.

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