You won't believe the answer I got on Buzzfeed's latest quiz.

You've seen those Buzzfeed quizzes all over Facebook, right?  "Which Hot Guy Do You Deserve for Christmas?" "Which Lion from 'The Lion King' Are You?" "Which 'Home Alone' Villain Should You Hook Up With?" "Which Ariana Grande Facial Expression Are You?"

These are all true- I swear I am not making this up.  Go to Buzzfeed and find out for yourself "What Carrie Underwood Hit Song Are You?"

Now, I didn't figure I was going to get "All-American Girl".  

I was thinking maybe "Cowboy Casanova" but I ended up with

..."Before He Cheats"?

Maybe I'd better take a few more quizzes find out "Which Breakfast Club Character I Should Be In Detention With" or "What 90's Toy to Buy My Second Cousin's Wife for Christmas..."

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