You'll have to look under the bridge to see this stunning tribute to Kalamazoo's history created by a local artist.

Patrick Hershberger via YouTube

Kalamazoo's newest piece of public artwork is a mural under Veterans Memorial Bridge. Kalamazoo artist Patrick Hershberger, working under the name Bonus Saves, creates "large scale nature works, covering the walls of public and private individuals, schools, community centers, and farms."

This artwork, in particular, could also be considered a public service announcement as it reminds anglers not to eat any fish caught in the Kalamazoo River due to dioxins and high levels of mercury. You also get the story of PCB's; polychlorinated biphenyls dumped into the river by the paper mills years ago.

Friendly fish and the inspring story of Emma Didlake, the oldest living World War II veteran, highlight positive things about Kalamazoo's history.

Take a look at this time-lapse video of how this mural came together.

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