Stay warm inside and enjoy this virtual run of the scenic Kalamazoo Valley River Trail.

Treadmill TV has just uploaded a video Kalamazoo amateur athletes of all abilities will love! Traverse a few of the the 22 miles of the Kalamazoo Valley River Trail right on your screen without even lacing up your shoes.

The trip begins in Veberg Park, downtown along the Kalamazoo River through Mayor's Riverfront Park and the landfill (it's OK, really) before bearing East into Comstock and out toward Augusta before making the return trip.

I run and bike the KVRT a lot and I'd say the most scenic- and challenging part of the trail is North from Verberg Park toward Parchment and all the way to D Ave. Of course, there are 22 miles total to explore for yourself once the Michigan weather warms up. (Maybe tomorrow!) For now, enjoy the scenic sights of this virtual run and while you are inside on your treadmill, you can imagine you are running along the beautiful Kalamazoo River.

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