Find the best deals this Father's Day

According to, here are the top six things that are on sale right now for Father's Day:

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    Especially power tools, cordless tool kits, things to store tools in, and tool kits for your car. You can find these items for 50% for Father's Day.

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    Home Improvement Stuff

    Stores like Home Depot and Sears usually have their best prices of the year on stuff like paint, light fixtures, and other building materials.

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    Men's Clothing

    Summer clothing will have the best deals.  So things like shorts, bathing suits, and sandals.

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    They always go on sale this month, because they're like the go-to Father's Day present.  And the best deals this year are on headphones and speakers for some reason.

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    Big-screen TVs

    The prices aren't as good as they'll be on Black Friday, but there's more to choose from.

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    Summer Stuff

    Summer stuff, like camping and fishing gear.  A lot of stores also have discounts on things for the pool, and outdoor games like horseshoes.