She's a singer, she's a dancer, and she knows how to entertain a crowd. Kellie Pickler became a name in country music after her sixth-place finish on American Idol's fifth season, and her Southern charm and infectious personality have made her a favorite in the genre.

Pickler, a native of North Carolina, has released four records, the most recent being The Woman I Am, which debuted in 2013. The following are just a handful of her best songs -- and, fair warning: Before the No. 1 tune, prepare for some tears.

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    "Best Days of Your Life"

    From 'Kellie Pickler' (2008)

    This song, co-written with Taylor Swift (who also provides background vocals and appears in the tune's music video), was Pickler's first Top 10 hit. The uptempo track was written from Pickler's experience with a boyfriend who cheated on her. Sometimes, the best revenge is through a hit song.

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    "Didn't You Know How Much I Loved You"

    From 'Kellie Pickler' (2008)

    The third single from Pickler's second album, "Didn't You Know How Much I Loved You" was first recorded for the singer's debut album -- but she wanted to have it as a single, so she re-recorded it for her sophomore offering. It's a power ballad, and Pickler's strong vocals are on display throughout the tune.

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    "Red High Heels"

    From 'Small Town Girl' (2006)

    "Red High Heels" became Pickler's first-ever gold-certified song. It peaked at No. 15, and it's easy to see why: The sassy number gives an ex-boyfriend a good talking-to. The tune was Pickler's lead single from her debut album, Small Town Girl, and is one of her signature songs.

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    "Someone Somewhere Tonight"

    From 'The Woman I Am' (2013)

    Pickler's describes this song as her favorite she's ever recorded -- and it's one of our favorites as well. Though other artists including Kenny Rogers and Pam Tillis have recorded "Someone Somewhere Tonight," Pickler brings something special to the tune. Previously, she spoke of how the song rang true in her own life, evoking thoughts of her husband, Kyle Jacobs, who sadly died by suicide in Feb. 2023.

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    "I Wonder"

    From 'Small Town Girl' (2006)

    "I Wonder" is truly Pickler's greatest song, penned from personal experience. The tune is about her childhood, but not for nostalgia's sake: Pickler's mother was absent, and her father was in and out of jail, and it understandably affected the singer. "I Wonder" looks at life without a doting and loving mother, and the emotion, sadness and regret is felt in every lyric.

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