Canaan Smith spent Father's Day in Grand Junction, Colo., performing at Country Jam 2016. Bummed to have to miss spending Father's Day with his own father, Smith was pleasantly surprised when his dad showed up outside his tour bus when he arrived at the festival.

Taste of Country sat down with Smith before his performance on the main stage where he revealed what he appreciates most about his father, his new music and that he snuck into a few country shows as a kid.

"I appreciate how much we heard 'I love you' as kids," Smith said he told his dad on Father's Day. "That's something that for whatever reason a lot of people aren't that fortunate. I appreciate the fact that he's never shied away from telling me that I mean something to him. I hope to be that kind of father one day, too."

Smith also said that he's been working on new music and promises that it will "be a blast."

"This new stuff we're really excited about," he said. "I can't say what's coming next, because it's not even fully decided yet. Y'all stay tuned because we have something coming for you."

The audience sang with Smith during set closer “Love You Like That” later that day, and also listened intently to his new songs which included feel-good tracks like “Summer and a Six Pack” and “Come Back to Virginia.”

While fans may have snuck into see Smith at one time, the singer also admitted to sneaking into a country concert or two of his own during a game of Never Have I Ever.

"When I was a kid we had a bunch of people come to town. I think it was McGraw a long, long time ago," he revealed.

Smith's current single is "Hole in a Bottle."

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