Imagine it's a cool fall day and you are at the park with your friends or children. You see a historic marker so you read it and your hair stands on end. 

South Westnedge Park, located at Westnedge and Park Place near Chenery Auditorium in Kalamazoo was created in 1884 and is a beautiful place to hang out with your friends of play with your kids. check out his photo gallery to reveal its chilling past.

That's right, still there. According to the Kalamazoo Public Library,

...a thorough study conducted in 1987 has shed some light on the subject. The study concluded that between 325 and 500 people were buried in South West Cemetery at one time or another. In addition, it identified the names of 270 people who are likely still buried there.

On my visit, I was told that Kalamazoo's homeless refuse to stay in the park overnight.

Have you been to S. Westnedge Park? Did you know it's chilling past? What other parks do you know of that were once cemeteries? tell us in the comments.

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