Do You Know the Law?
The feeling of being stuck behind a slow farm implement like a tractor, combine or harvester is something that people who live in big cities just don't know. And you have likely passed them hundreds of times. But passing them might have broken the law.
New 4-Way Stop Law
Better buckle up for this change to Michigan's driving law. The recent debate over what exactly you need to do when driving and you encounter a broken traffic light has been settled.
Just How Bad Are Mich Roads?
Want video evidence to prove what you already know, that Michigan has some of the nation's worst roads? Take a look at this video from the Michigan/Indiana state line along Interstate 94.
'I can make it'
Driving and finding a 'Road Closed' sign is almost always an aggravation. Now that means a detour, perhaps lengthy, to get where you're going. But there likely a good reason for the road to be closed, and quite a bit of trouble ahead if you attempt to circumvent the closure.

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