News of Sam Hunt's engagement to Hannah Lee Fowler isn't going over very well with his passionate female fans. Twitter is nearly melting down, or drowning in weepy-face emojis and blood spilled from broken hearts.

There is no shortage of dramatic reactions from some of Hunt's admirers on Twitter. If the social media platform is to be taken seriously (is it ever?), then dozens of women should be on suicide watch this week. "Life is over!" is a common thread from those finding out he's committed himself to another woman.

These are the best worst most dramatic tweets we've discovered thus far. Hunt hasn't confirmed the news on any of his social media accounts, but several news outlets like People have confirmed that he and Fowler are indeed engaged. It's not clear when the proposal happened. The couple have been dating on and off for at least three years, likely even longer.

Hunt has said it was Fowler who inspired many songs on his debut album Montevallo, including "Cop Car," a song he wrote but Keith Urban ended up recording. She continues to be his muse. On Sunday morning (Jan. 1) he shared a new song called "Drinkin' Too Much" on Soundcloud. It's an apology to Fowler for how his fame has affected her life. He also shows gratitude toward her, and confesses to being drunk while performing on an awards show.

Little is known about Hannah Lee Fowler, other than she has dark hair and is from Montevallo, Ala. For his next album, Hunt has said he plans to get very personal and much more vulnerable. There's no target date for that project, and it's not clear if "Drinkin' Too Much" will be included.

It's True! Sam Hunt Is Engaged!

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