The Broncos loss, 16-24 to Wisconsin at the Cotton Bowl has a lot of Kalamazoo feeling blue. Here's a few facts about Western to reboot your pride in the Brown & Gold. I searched Google for the most popular color. The answer came back as blue. However, here in Kalamazoo it's Brown and Gold, the colors of WMU and the 13-0 Broncos lead by Coach P.J. Fleck.

We have learned a lot about Western with their amazing year. Here's a few things about WMU you may not have known. Check out the History and some Fun Facts

  • Most of the campus buildings and streets are named after former professors, administrators, board of trustee members or students. Each has its own interesting story.
  • Eddie’s Lane is perhaps the shortest street in Kalamazoo, linking Stadium Drive and Oakland Drive together just before the two intersect to the East of main campus. It takes its name from Eddie Powless who was a campus bus driver. Powless drove students from East Campus to West Campus as well as all student athletes to and from athletic events
  • WMU was founded in 1903 and currently has 23,500 students.
  • President Waldo’s remains are buried in East Hall. His ashes sit behind a plaque on the side of the building overlooking Davis. His remains are under the columns
  • WMU is ranked among the best U.S. institutions for military veterans, and is the only Michigan school to appear on all six years of its annual Best for Vets list.
  • WMU has more then 11 campus's located in 8 city's across Michigan.
  • Western once housed a K-12 program with it's last graduating class in 1966
  • Guy's, there are more women then men at Western.
    • Men: 11,561, or 49 percent.
    • Women: 11,995, or 51 percent
  • The Bronco's were originally known as the Hilltoppers, named after the campus on Prospect Hill, where the first library  was established in North Hall.
  • While WMU has been here since 1903, it didn't award it's first doctoral degrees till 1968.

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