Rising trio Runaway June have been fortunate enough to spend some time among country icons early in their career: In a recent interview, the trio recalls their experience opening shows for Garth Brooks, Tim McGraw and Willie Nelson -- and how it taught them about how to act as their career grows.

“I feel like the kindness we felt when we were with those legends really goes to show that that’s how they got where they are,” Runaway June's Hannah Mulholland tells Taste of Country, as part of the group's RISERS interview. “So I feel like that shows us how you treat people on the way up … it says everything about you.”

Of Brooks, specifically, the trio's Jennifer Wayne says, "I’ve never met a more generous person in my entire life." The singer-songwriter recalls the country superstar visiting Runaway June's dressing room to congratulate them on a job well done, and inviting them to hang out after the show.

"So, we were like, 'What is our life? We’re hanging out with Garth and Trisha [Yearwood]. And I feel like they’re my best friends!'" Wayne remembers. "I know they're not, but that's how he makes you feel."

Nelson, meanwhile, "couldn't have been sweeter to us," Mulholland says. "There's a reason that he's a legend."

Adds Naomi Cooke, "Someone told me one time that someone who is truly great will make you feel like you can also be great. So, definitely from experience — from being out on the road with these great people, they make — we felt like stars, too, when we were there.”

Runaway June are currently promoting their single "Lipstick." Visit their official website for tour dates and more info.

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