Jerrod Niemann's "God Made a Woman" is a big orchestral ballad he's been wanting fans to hear for nearly two years. The song is special to him in ways he's not yet shared publicly, but it's easy to use one's imagination.

"God Made a Woman" tells the story of a hard luck, trouble-making bad boy whose life is turned around when he meets a truly good woman. He rises up to be with her, understanding that this is an opportunity not to be wasted. Every happily married man knows the feeling. Every jaded single man knows the consequences.

Niemann's new song will appeal to couples, perhaps lovers choosing a wedding song in 2017 or 2018. It's a perfect slow dance — patient and personal but not closed off to a stranger's story. Whether the 37-year-old implants his own love story into the song remains to be seen, but his performance indicates it's true. "God Made a Woman" is a gracious, almost apologetic love song that strips away all bravado. It's been too long since he came with a radio single that hit this deep.

Did You Know?: Singer Michael Ray co-wrote "God Made a Woman" with Jeff Hyde and Joel Shewmake. Niemann tells Taste of Country the song captivated every ounce of his being.

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Jerrod Niemann Talks About His New Album

Jerrod Niemann, "God Made a Woman" Lyrics:

I used to tear up the roads in this old town / Any bar I'd find open, I'd close it down / That 2AM last call man I'd answer / I'd burn that candle at both ends / Till it met in the middle just smoldering / I was searching for something didn't even know what I was after.

Then God made a woman / Fall for a man / Didn't have much going / But his life began when she took his hand / The sky turned blue, the clouds part / Light shined on a lonely heart / When God made a woman.

Never gave him a reason to bless me at all / And I still can't believe that an angel would fall / For a guy like me guess he sees who needs savin' / Every night I hit my knees again / Thanking the Lord he's a lot like him / She loves me with a grace that's truly amazing. 

He made the moon, he made the sun / But to me the best thing he's ever done.

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