You may have to use your paddle to keep the sun out of your eyes before you return the serve as Kalamazoo is building an outdoor ping pong table.

The popularity or urban table tennis is soaring in places like London and proponents say it brings people together in a unique, friendly way. "Athletes" of any ability can play the game and it's a very sociable sport.

Kalamazoo is moving ping pong out of the basement to the great outdoors as Michigan Department of Natural Resources has just approved a $75,000 grant to build a ping pong table and gaga ball pit at Henderson Park, near the historic Henderson Castle. The existing playground equipment and basketball courts will be removed and new ADA compliant toys added for children of all abilities.

So work on your backspin and backhand and get ready to work on your tan as you play outdoor ping pong in Kalamazoo.

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