If you hated dodgeball in gym class, you're not going to like gaga ball either.

Gaga ball is the latest sport that will be available at Kalamazoo's Henderson Park thanks to a $75,000 Michigan Department of Natural Resources grant that will also pay for construction of an outdoor ping pong table.

Now, just what is this "gaga ball?"

Much like dodgeball, you try to knock other players out of the game by hitting them with a ball. Gaga ball is played in an octagonal pit with players much closer together but hits only count from the knee down, leveling the playing field. Creator Coach Cliff says "You can have a mix of people all different ages, sizes, athletic ability- nobody really has a great advantage in this game."

Kalamazooians will get to play gaga ball for themselves in the Spring of 2018 at Henderson Park, near the Henderson Castle.

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