Charlie Muncaster and Gary Stanton, who comprise the Alabama duo Muscadine Bloodline, may harmonize like they've been singing together all their lives -- but they haven't. Though they actually both grew up in Mobile, the pair didn't start regularly playing together until they moved to Nashville to pursue country music.

In advance of the release of their Movin' On EP, The Boot caught up with Muscadine Bloodline to talk about the story behind the project's title track, a breakup song with a twist. Read on to learn more about the anthemic, hopeful tune "Movin' On."

Often times, we go into writes, and everyone has ideas, but for this song in particular, we started with a little riff, a couple chords and a melody. We didn't have anything technically written down on a piece of paper, and we didn't have a hook, but it was one of those songs that just sparked out of starting to write. Sometimes you get in there, and you think you're gonna write one thing, and it sparks into another thing.

Once we got into it, we thought it could be a really cool song if it was a breakup song, but a hopeful one. We also wrote it to be gender-neutral. There's no "he" or "she" in the lyrics, so a lot of people have come up to us to tell us they've made the song their own, whether that might be about getting laid off or getting divorced or whatever.

The song includes a lot of really vivid images that are only really noticeable in retrospect, like the first time you drive by somebody's house and don't look down their street, or the first time you see their friend at a bar and they don't come to mind. So it's kind of about having this epiphany in your head, like, "Oh, maybe I am moving on!" When that finally happens, it's a really good feeling.

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