For months, residents of Detroit and Michigan, in general, have been pushing for Amazon to open its new headquarters somewhere in the Great Lakes State. Sadly, today hopes of that happen were crushed after Amazon released a "short" list of 20 states it is considering electing to be the home of their second headquarters.

The "short" list they put together contains almost half of the states in the nation including Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Columbus, Ohio, Dallas, Denver, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Miami, Montgomery County in Maryland, Nashville, Newark, New York City, Northern Virginia, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Raleigh, Toronto and Washington D.C.

Bids from 238 cities and regions from across 54 states, provinces, districts and territories across North America, including Michigan were sent to Amazon in 2017, citing a final decision to be made this year.

Holly Sullivan, a representative of Amazon Public Policy issued a statement saying:

Getting from 238 to 20 was very tough. All the proposals showed tremendous enthusiasm and creativity. Through this process, we learned about many new communities across North America that we will consider as locations for future infrastructure investment and job creation.

The estimated $38 Billion boost in 6 years in Seattle's economy since having Amazon's headquarters there would have been a huge step towards getting this state's financial struggles back in order. Until a real decision is made, it looks like Michigan will not be in the final running for what would have been an amazing addition to our state.

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