Amazon Prime original series 'The Grand Tour' was shown on the big screen at the Capri Drive In theater in Coldwater but the night ended like no one expected.

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May did not make the trip but the crew from Amazon Prime's 'The Grand Tour' visited the Capri Drive In in Coldwater to screen an episode of the Amazon original series.

While many were watching the Michigan/ Michigan State football game, it was a different kind of tailgating in Coldwater as cars were lined up at the entrance to the Capri Drive In. A little after 6:30, we were treated to not only free entry but a complimentary 'Grand Tour' blanket and air freshener. After answering a couple of questions on a tablet at the snack bar, you got a free popcorn, hot dog or slice of pizza, drink and an item of candy- a sweet deal!

When the sun went down, the movies began. 'The Grand Tour' episode shown was nothing new nor exclusive and, oddly enough, was the first of a two-part episode. (I guess they want you to subscribe to Amazon Prime to see how it ends.) 'The Italian Job' was to be the second part of the nights double-feature but power was knocked out just after the opening credits by a heavy storm moving through the area. Mark Wahlberg hasn't been associated with this kind of calamity since the last Transformers movie.

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