Human ear is not on the menu at China 1 restaurant in Mt. Clemens, MI.  Well, it wasn't supposed to be.

"We are not opening today because of some reasons" is what the sign on the door reads at China 1.  The sign doesn't come close to telling the story of the crazy moment that lead to the restaurant temporarily closing their doors.

24 year-old Jade Anderson allegedly attacked the owner of China 1 along with his wife and son when she came in to complain about her order.  That attack ended with the angry customer some how biting off the ear of the restaurant owner.  According to,

Police took her into custody and the man was taken to the hospital.

Deputies also say Anderson left a small child at her home unsupervised.

She was arraigned on charges of assault with intent to maim and assault. She was given a $20,000 cash/surety bond and is scheduled for court on July 11.

Thankfully, doctors were able to reattach his ear.



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