A Michigan woman begs her fiance' to buy a lottery ticket during a camping trip ends up winning half a million dollars.

According to UPI.com,

Melissa Cramer, 46, of Laingsburg, said she was on a camping trip with her fiance when he made a quick trip to the the Rivertown E-Z Mart in Cheboygan.

"My fiance had left our campsite to pick up a few things, so I sent him a text and asked him to buy me some instant tickets," Cramer said. "He wrote me back and said he wasn't going to because I always lose when he buys tickets for me."

"I sent him a text back that said 'I will this time!' So, He stopped and bought me a few tickets," she said.

Melissa has a new power in this relationship.  Every time her soon to be husband doubts her all she has to say is, "remember the lotto ticket?"  If he's smart his response will be, "yes dear."

Melissa Cramer is from a small town just Northeast of Lansing called Laingsburg.  Right now her only plans for the winnings is to purchase a new vehicle.

What would you do with half a million dollars?

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