With a change at the top of Western Michigan University, the President's house was in the news with construction to the house's garage. Did you know that WMU provided their presidents with a house? It's one of three universities in Michigan to do that.

Western Michigan University President's Residence

WMU Presidents House
Eric Meier/TSM

Officially known as the President's Residence, the house is located on Short Road in Kalamazoo near, but not on WMU's campus. The home was built in 1940 and purchaed by WMU in 1974. The home is a very specious 7832 thousand square feet.

The house is located next to another WMU property, Gilmore House, which is used to host formal events.

We reached out to Facilities Management for a possible tour of the house while it was vacant and in transition between university presidents, but were denied access.

Cowles House - Michigan State

cowles house michigan state
Google Maps Street View

Located in East Lansing, the Cowles House is the oldest building on the Michigan State campus and is provided to the University President, however the current MSU President chose to live elsewhere in East Lansing.

President's House - University of Michigan

presidents house ann arbor
Google Maps Street View

Located on University Avenue, the President's House is, like its counterpart at MSU, the oldest building on campus, constructed in 1837 when the university relocated from Detroit to Ann Arbor. The History Department at U of M provides a photographic essay on the history of the residence.

There was once a President's House provided by Michigan Tech in Houghton, but that building is now utilized as a "Sustainability Demonstration Home."

BONUS VIDEO - The Hidden, Historic Drake House near WMU

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