We have heard discussions about some employers considering, or even trying, implementing four day work weeks with either or Friday or Monday being an off day. But what about schools?

One school district in Colorado is actually trying this. This month, the Brighton-based School District transitioned from a five-day week to a four-day week with no school on Mondays. The decision followed several failures for the district to get more money through bond elections. They expect to save around $1 million with a good portion of it coming from saving by not having the buses run on the day with no classes. The district would also save by not having substitute teachers on the day off. While the school district plans on saving money, some parents will have to pay a little more for child care on the day the child would be home while a single parent or both parents at work during the day.

So what are your thoughts and opinions on this idea? Would it work here in Michigan and would you support this idea or should it stay the way it is?



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