If the Michigan State Waterway has its way, we'll have to register our kayaks like cars.

If the resolution passes anyone using a Kayak or Paddle Board will be required to register their boat at $10 a year according to this proposal on Michigan.gov.

According to upnorthlive.com,

The commission says money from the registrations would go towards improving access to waterways and safety out on the water.

The registrations could end up costing between five and ten dollars each.

The waterways commission says some of that money would go towards helping boost marine patrols for local law enforcement.

Thousands of Michiganders would agree that one of the best things about living in this great glove state is kayaking the many beautiful water ways.  If the registration money will actually be used for keeping the water ways clean, I'm all for it.

(UPDATE) After this story broke State Representative Aaron Miller had this to say on Facebook,

There is a HUGE rumor that “the state” is trying to sneak in fees on kayaks and other watercraft. FALSE. False, false, false.

Take a look at the link below. All this has started because the Michigan State Waterways Commission passes a resolution “in support of such legislation.” This commission cannot pass such legislation themselves. The Michigan Legislature does that. That’s me, 108 other representatives currently, and 37 senators currently. And it’s a safe bet that none of those individuals are going to introduce such legislation.

In the future, before you assume the worst, take a look at what a resolution or publication says. In the title in the link, it says that this is just a “resolution to propose legislation.” That means effectively nothing. Now enjoy this summer in your kayak free of charge (aside from buying the kayak).

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