The bizarre chain of events that lead to this Muskegon, Michigan man buying a lotto ticket would've just been another frustrating day of travel.  But then...

Paul Kuharevicz won $1 Million Dollars!

Paul was on his way home from a business trip when his flight was cancelled.  He rented a car and drove home to Muskegon from O'hare in Chicago.  He got home only to realize he had left his bike at work.  So then, back in the rental car to get his bike.  According to,

On his way to grab his bike from work, Paul Kuharevicz, 56, stopped and purchased a Mega Millions ticket that would win him $1 million.  “The next morning, my son sent me a text and told me to check my ticket because someone had won $1 million on a ticket bought at Ladd’s," Kuharevicz told the Michigan Lottery.

Paul plans to buy a new bike with the winnings.  Oh yeah, and pay off his house.  He also told the Michigan Lottery that he plans on keeping a promise to his wife according to,

With the winnings, Kuharevicz will fulfill a promise he made to his wife — that she could retire if he ever won the lottery.

“She been a teacher for 28 years, but next year will be her last year teaching," Kuharevicz said.

Congrats Paul Kuharevicz!

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