Kalamazoo, Joe Tyria has assembled a unique nativity display. Some of the collection made the journey back to where they were made.

Made at Bronner's Commercial display factory in Frankenmuth, Michigan and even returning to the factory this year for some maintenance. These figures have not been produced since the 1960's and never will again as the original molds were destroyed. Some of these pieces are identical to the ones that used to adorn the Bronson park nativity display years ago.

Joe has named the display the Beverly A. Tyria Memorial Nativity Scene, In memory of his grand mother. Over the years there have been troubles with sheep being stolen and recovered and the baby Jesus was also stolen. Yet Joe still sets up the display every year at his home on the corner of Olmstead and Market street in Kalamazoo. Years of exposure to the elements has been rough on the paint and some of these figures have just completed the journey back home after spending some time back at Bronner's To receive a fresh coat of paint.

The figures are now in storage but you can still take a look at them in this gallery.

Joe also had a few extra pieces that he acquired and donated to Saint Mary's Catholic Church in Kalamazoo. Fr. James Richardson of Saint Mary's also helped Joe build the stable.

This next season, I will be sure to visit this display.

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