Hunters in Michigan may want to wear the now popular "hunter pink" attire now available in stores when they head out into the woods this year, but the Michigan DNR says that they have to pair it with orange in order to be compliant.

The Detroit Free Press reports that the Michgan DNR made the decision late last week, stating that the blaze orange color we have all come to associate with hunting is the safest option (and also the requirement.)

Now, this doesn't mean that you can't wear pink, but it doesn't exactly match well with bright orange.

Several other states allow a hue of pink to be worn instead of the traditional orange (Colorado, Louisiana, Minnesota, New York, Virginia and Wisconsin), but Michigan has joined with the likes of Maine and Montana in saying no to it.)

The good news is - if you're cool with not matching, you can still wear mostly pink clothing. Michigan hunting law only requires you to wear one prominent piece of blaze orange attire (like a hat), visible in all directions.

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