Jason Aldean's infant son Memphis is too cute for words, and a big part of that adorable appeal has to do with his striking resemblance to his dad.

In just about every photo his mom, Brittany, posts on social media, fans rush to coo about how the little one is visually a chip off the old block.

However, new evidence from Dad himself may suggest that this oft-repeated comparison might be inaccurate! Aldean posted a photo of himself as a baby, side-by-side with one of Memphis' pics, and suggested the resemblance just might not be all that.

In the split shot, Memphis is on the left, Dad on the right. "People say this guy looks like me... here is a side by side. He is much better lookin than his dad," wryly commented Aldean.

Lest fans think Aldean simply chose a rather unflattering photo of himself as a baby to use as a test case, the singer also took the opportunity to offer up a side-by-side of Memphis next to his mom's baby photo, and elicit a verdict. "Maybe he looks like his mama?" Aldean mused, adding a joking thumbs-down emoji.

Hmmm. Given that...we can see a bit of Brittany now, too; however, fan reaction continued to be strongly in favor of young Memphis favoring his pops. What do you think?

Aldean's new album, Rearview Town is set for release on April 13, and the singer will hit the road for his High Noon Neon Tour on May 10. The tour runs through Sept. 29, with Luke Combs and Lauren Alaina joining Aldean on the bill as support acts.

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