New Jersey-based band Levy & the Oaks are exclusively premiering their new single "Out of the Blue" on The Boot. The song, full of honest reflection, comes from the group's upcoming Unplugged EP, due out later this spring.

Lead vocalist Duane Okun sings in the beginning line of "Out of the Blue," "Never again will I pass judgement / We said goodbye in the echo of an empty apartment." The chorus goes on to say, "Out of the blue, I really had to listen / Out of the blue, I really had to try / Out of the blue and into my life."

""Out of the Blue" is about growing up. It’s about hitting rock bottom. It’s about acceptance," Levy & the Oaks tell The Boot. "You see, some of us think we’re untouchable. We’re not. When you’re not only hurting yourself but hurting those who love you the most, it’s time to step back and re-evaluate. It’s time to look into the mirror."

Based in Asbury Park, N.J., Levy & the Oaks are Okun (lead vocals, guitar), Lou Panico (bass, percussion, backing vocals) Chris Colon (lap steel, guitar, backing vocals) and Ryan McNulty (drums). On "Out of the Blue," they deliver an anthemic single with acoustic-driven arrangements and a blend of grassroots rock and indie pop; while the subject matter is serious, you can't help but sing along.

Levy & the Oaks' Unplugged EP will be available for pre-order on Thursday (April 13); it's scheduled for release on May 19. For more information on the band, visit their official website.

Listen to Levy & the Oaks, "Out of the Blue":

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